Boings and Swings offer play areas away from the cage and simulate the bounce and sway of a natural tree branch.

BOINGS (also called a Bungee Bounce) simulate the sway and bounce of a natural tree branch. In the wild, parrots don't spend all day on the same perch... Boings, Swings and portable, hanging play areas satisfy a birds desire to move about! Can be used in or outside the cage. Boings are easy to hang from the ceiling in most rooms. Our CEILING PROTECTORS, sold separately, keep birds from climbing too high as well as prevent beaks from damaging textured ceilings.
All birds love these springy, bouncy cotton BOINGS! Flexible spiral core wrapped with comfy 100% cotton rope creates a fun, portable play area for use in or outside the cage. Includes quick link for hanging and a bell for ringing! Now Available in 4 sizes. EXTRA SMALL 1/2" x 52" for the smallest members of you flock - parakeets, budgies, finches, parrolets, etc. SMALL 3/4"x 66" for small to med. birds - cockatiels, small conures. MEDIUM 9/10" x 96" for Med. to LRG birds - Conures, Amazons, Greys, small Cockatoos. LARGE - 1.25" x 97" is suitable for LRG to X LRG parrots - Amazons to Macaws. (Our own Amazons enjoy the medium sized boing, but given a choice, they prefer to sit on the larger one). Ceiling protectors sold separately below.

Can be used as a swing or perch. Natural sisal with human food grade dyes and nickel plated hardware. Available in 2 sizes - MEDIUM measures -24" long x 3/4" diameter. Suitable for medium to large birds, cockatiels to Amazon size. LARGE measures - 36" long x 1 1/4" diameter. LARGE LONG - 48" long x 1 1/4" diam. Suitable for Medium, large and extra large birds, Amazons, Greys, Eclectus, macaws, cockatoos. From PetVision. MADE IN THE USA! Colors vary.

Paradise Toys 8 Inch sphere covered in cotton rope. Length with chain and pear link is 18 inches. Bell inside for added entertainment. For small to medium parrots.
Price - $15.50

From Super Bird Creations. It's a perch, a swing, a play area! Climbing and chewing fun too! Cotton rope covering a rigid frame with plastic chain and abc blocks. Approx. 10" diam. x 13" long including chain. Suitable for small to medium size birds. Parrotlets to conures.
Price - $24.95

For small to medium size birds. 7" diameter.Sisal rope is wrapped around the rigid metal framework. Combines rope, plastic chain and a bell for maximum entertainment. Knotted pieces of rope to stimulate preening behavior. Presents opportunities to perch climb swing play preen and chew. Made from pet safe material and dishwasher safe.
Price - $23.99

10.5 x 7". For Medium to Large Birds. Conures, Caiques, Quakers, Small Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons, etc.
Price - $17.95

From Aspen Pet Products. Ring Swing available in 2 sizes. Medium - 12" x 10" - Rope Diameter 1" For Medium size birds. Small Cockatoos, Mini Macaws.Large - 15" x 13" - Rope Diameter 1 1/4" For Large - Extra Large Birds Amazons, African Grey's, Macaws and Cockatoos.

Ceiling protectors Like the one shown in the photo left are available in 2 lengths and are sold separately BELOW. These keep the birds from climbing all the way to the ceiling. They can be used with BOINGS, swings or any type of play area that hangs from the ceiling. Ceiling Protectors keep the bird from damaging ceiling tiles. They also effectively lower the play area to minimize aggressive behavior that comes about when the bird is positioned high above you.

For use with any hanging play area, swing, boing, etc. Choose from 9" or 13". Both 1 1/4" diam. PVC. The 9" protector works well for average to low ceiling heights. The 13" protector is the best choice for higher ceilings or if YOUsimply want to the play area to hang a bit lower. Stainless Steel Hardware.

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