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6 strands of natural hemp. Over 70 wood stars and beads provide a galaxy of chewing pleasure! Measures Approx. 11" Medium to large birds - Conures, Senegals, Pionus, Amazons, Greys, Eclectus, Small Cockatoos and mini-Macaws. *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* Made in the U.S.A!
Price - $14.95

Keep your feathered friend busy with The Busy Bird! Leather with thin wood shapes to get them started plus thicker wood shapes to provide the more experienced chewer with a real sense of accomplishment. Grapevine chunks, large and small birdie bagels and an acrylic pacifier offer even more exciting textures to keep those feathered kids busy. Suggested for medium to large size birds - Senegals, Conures, Amazons, Greys, Mini Macaws and small Cockatoos. Approx. 12" long. *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* Made in the U.S.A!
Price - $14.99

Our own Yellow Crowned Amazon "Huey" just LOVES this one! Features 3 strands of natural hemp with wood beads, stars, hearts, wheels, spools, vine balls, vine rings, yucca slices, a coconut slice and acrylic pacifiers - PLUS it even has a tricky-to-get-to mini birdie bagel tucked inside a wooden ring! What bird can resist this one? Approx. 14" long. For all medium to large birds who love to shred, chew and DESTROY! Ringnecks, Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos etc. *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* Made in the U.S.A!
Price - $12.98

When your medium to large sized bird gets "A Round-Tuit" hes going to love working on this thick cluster of wood parts! Eight strands of natural hemp cord with small spools and wood beads plus 60 thin wood disks! Measures approx. 9" long. Suitable for smaller accomplished chewers to larger light weight chewers. The thin wood disks on this toy are perfect for those just learning to perfect their chewing skills! Another ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* Made in the U.S.A!
Price - $11.95

Vine balls stuffed with crinkle shred, thin wood slats, vine rings, wooden beads, palm leaf flowers and A bell! Measures 13" long x 5" wide. For Medium, large and extra Large Parrots.
Price - $12.35

From Super Bird Creations. For medium to large birds. Conures to Amazons and African Greys. Measures 12" x 5". Woven palm leaves, bamboo tubes, and cardboard Birdie Bagels on a wire base.
Price - $10.95

This might just be our favorite new toy from Super Bird Creations! The Amazons on our quality control panel LOVE this one! A vine ball stuffed with crinkle shred, cardboard Birdie Bagels, women palm Shredders, thin wood slats, wood and plastic beads and cotton rope for preening! 11" x 10". Medium, large & extra large parrots.
Price - $14.50

We love this new LOVIN SPOONFUL toy from Brainy Bird! A sturdy toy of shiny spoons, ladles and bells plus durable plastic rings on large plastic chain. Shiny and noisy! For medium to large birds. 13" long. Made in the USA!
Price - $Out of Stock

If you have a bell ringer in your flock this will be their favorite new toy! From Brainy Bird Toys. Bells inside inverted metal cups, hard plastic rings and beads plus soft plastic mini star rings all on a metal chain. 12" long x " wide. For medium to large birds. (Our own Amazon Bubba just LOVES this one!). Made in the USA!
Price - $24.95

Yet another great toy from Super Bird Creations! A bell and lots of thin 1/4" wood slats to keep them busy. Medium to large birds. Eclectus, conures, Amazons, small toos and mini macaws.
Price - $19.95

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