PAGE 3 - Toys for Medium Size Birds

We LOVE this new toy from Super Bird Creations! A wicker basket stuffed full of fun stuff to shred! Bamboo finger traps, thin wooden ice cream spoons & sticks, loofahs and more! Plastic beads for added interest! Measures 10" long x 5" across. For medium to large parrots.
Price - $12.99

A new design from The Laughing Parrot! Birds love to preen the Supreme Cotton Rope. Bright Beads, rings and squares add to the fun! For medium to large birds - Conures, Quakers, Eclectus, Amazons, etc. Measures Approx. 5" x 12" Made in the USA! *ORIGINAL DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT*
Price - $8.95

When your medium to large sized bird gets “A Round-Tuit” he’s going to love working on this thick cluster of wood parts! 8 strands of natural hemp cord with small spools and wood beads plus 60 thin wood disks! Measures approx. 9” long. Suitable for smaller accomplished chewers to larger light weight chewers. The thin wood disks on this toy are perfect for those just learning to perfect their chewing skills! *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* Made in the USA!
Price - $10.95

All natural materials. Palm fronds woven into a shreddable spiked pinata and stuffed with even more fun-to-shred natural material for a frenzy of destruction! 9 inches.
Price - $5.95

Vine balls stuffed with crinkle shred, thin wood slats, vine rings, wooden beads, palm leaf flowers and bell! Measures 13" long x 5" wide. For Medium to Extra Large Parrots.
Price - $12.25

From Super Bird Creations. For medium to large birds. Meausres 13" x 8". Woven palm leaves, bamboo tubes, and cardboard Birdie Bagels on a wire base. And a bell too!
Price - $14.50

From Super Bird Creations. It's a perch, a swing, a play area! Climbing and chewing fun too! Cotton rope covering a rigid frame with plastic chain and abc blocks. Approx. 10" diam. x 13" long including chain. Suitable for small to medium size birds. Parrotlets, Lovebirds, conures, Caiques, etc.
Price - $24.99

For small to medium size birds. 7" diameter.Sisal rope is wrapped around the rigid metal framework. Combines rope, plastic chain and a bell for maximum entertainment. Knotted pieces of rope to stimulate preening behavior. Presents opportunities to perch climb swing play preen and chew. Made from pet safe material and dishwasher safe.
Price - $23.99

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