Comfortable Cable and Rope Perches!

Rope and cable perches are soft, comfortable and offer a secure grip. The COMFY CABLE PERCH can be bent and placed in an upper corner which is where most birds prefer to sleep..

Your parrot will choose to sleep on and spend most of his time on the perch that is placed at the highest level in the cage. For this perch, The Laughing Parrot prefers a COMFY CABLE PERCH. Easy on the feet this cotton cable perch is soft and washable. Available in Small 5/8"x14", Medium Short 7/8" x 14", Medium 7/8"x 21", Large, 1.25"x21" Or Large Long 1.25"x28" and Large Extra Long 1.25"x36"

100% cotton, knotted, colored rope. Bolts to the cage with plastic end cap provided. Can be attached vertically or horizontally. Provides preening entertainment as well as a soft comfy surface to perch on. Three sizes available - Small for Parakeets and other small birds - measures approx. 6" long and 5/8" diam. Medium for medium to large birds - measures approx. 7" long and 7/8" diam. Large for large and extra large birds measures approx. 10" long x 1.25" diam.

Can be used as a swing or perch. Natural sisal with human food grade dyes and nickel plated hardware. 24" long x 3/4" diameter. Suitable for medium to large birds, cockatiels to Amazon size. From PetVision. Colors vary. Made in USA!
Price - $17.95

Use as a swing or perch, or a swinging perch! Natural sisal with human food grade dyes and nickel plated hardware. 48" long x 1.25" diameter. Suitable for large to extra large birds, Amazons, Greys, Eclectus, macaws, cockatoos. From PetVision. Colors vary. Made in USA!
Price - $29.95

All birds love these springy, bouncy cotton BOINGS! Flexible spiral core wrapped with comfy 100% cotton rope creates a fun, portable play area for use in or outside the cage. Includes quick link for hanging and a bell for ringing! Now Available in 4 sizes. EXTRA SMALL 1/2" x 52" for the smallest members of you flock - parakeets, budgies, finches, parrotlets, etc. SMALL 3/4"x 66" for small to med. birds - cockatiels, small conures. MEDIUM 9/10" x 96" for Med. to LRG birds - Conures, Amazons, Greys, etc. LARGE - 1.25" x 97" is suitable for LRG to X LRG parrots - Amazons to Macaws. Ceiling protectors sold separately below.

Ceiling protectors Like the one shown at right are available in 2 lengths and are sold separately BELOW. These keep the birds from climbing all the way to the ceiling. They can be used with BOINGS, swings or any type of play area that hangs from the ceiling. Ceiling Protectors keep the bird from damaging ceiling tiles. They also effectively lower the play area to minimize aggressive behavior that comes about when the bird is positioned high above you.

For use with any hanging play area, swing, boing, etc. Choose from 9" or 13". Both 1 1/4" diam. PVC. The 9" protector works well for average to low ceiling heights. The 13" protector is the best choice for higher ceilings or if you simply want to the play area to hang a bit lower. Stainless Steel Hardware.

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