When the Parrots are Happy - Everybody is Happy!

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Mustached Parrot Willie "modifying" his SNEAKER!
Red Fronted Macaw Angel on her new Boing
Budgies Troilus & Cressida love their Itty Bitty Bucket of Booty and they tiny toys it's filled with!
Look closely and you'll see Cressida the Budgie has discovered that her Itty Bitty Bucket is good for more than just holding foot toys!
8 yr. old Alexandrine Parakeet Buddy (aka Baby, aka Ms. Prissy Beak) LOVES her BIRD-DAY SURPRISE!
Jasper loves his new BOING!
Simon, the Teachers Pet with his FAUX PENCIL
Melman the Cape Parrot with the ITTY BITTY HEART he borrowed from his Pionus buddies.
Mojo the Goffins Cockatoo enjoys the foraging possibilities of her small BIRD-DAY SURPRISE
Lucy loves her SMALL FOOT SPOOL because it keeps her busy and makes her forget about plucking her feathers!

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