Never trim your birds nails again! Pedicure perches do the job for you! Every cage should include dishes for dry food and water as well as a 3rd food dish for soft foods such as vegetables, greens and fruit, treats and / or cooked foods. Next to this dish, where the bird will spend some time every day, we like to use a pedicure type perch such as SANDY PERCH or POLLY PASTEL PEDICURE. This type of perch with it’s rough surface, helps keep the birds nails from overgrowing so that trimming is seldom necessary. Spending too much time on this type of perch can cause foot sores however so it should never be placed high in the cage where it might be used as a sleeping perch. This perch will need to be washed frequently to remove stuck on food and bacteria. The two types mentioned are easily removable and can be soaked to soften dried on food or placed in the dishwasher.